Our Mission

The Pheonix Spangler Foundation is committed to raising awareness and funding for the advancement of pediatric cancer research.  
Through donors and special events, we will promote awareness, work with research facilities to discover safer treatment options, and recruit more individuals, and companies to join the fight to save children's lives.

​Pheonix’s Fighters was a Facebook page that was started, by Pheonix’s cousin, right after she was diagnosed to make sure family and friends could stay up to date of what was happening without making individual phone calls. As the page was shared, people were amazed by the kindness, strength, courage and faith of Pheonix. By the end, she had not just friends and family but over 22,000 ‘Fighters’ standing behind her. 

Now, we Fighters, are committed to continuing her works of kindness in her memory.   Through the Pheonix Spangler Foundation, Pheonix’s Fighters will fight for more awareness, more funding, and more research so that the world doesn’t lose more children. Pheonix, who was devoted to giving back more than she took, would have made this world a better place but was taken from it too soon only because of lack of research.  We will help narrow the gap in research funding.

We believe that with the proper research, safer treatment options can be discovered. Through medical advances, children should not only be cured of the cancer itself, but also be able to live healthy lives without additional medical issues caused by the initial treatmen​t.